5 reasons to offer an in-house membership program for your practice

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Do you value your dental patients? Do you value your dental practice? If you have not considered it before, let us convince you now: your dental practice NEEDS an in-house membership program. 

The American Dental Association (ADA) found that 40% of patients stated that they did not see a dentist simply due to cost—whether cost is an issue because of a particular type of insurance, or because of other reasons, 40% is a significant portion of the population that could be receiving dental care but are out of the equation–and EVERYBODY should be receiving dental care. 

An in-house dental membership program would provide patients with a set plan specifying covered services and eliminating the need for third-party insurance. But this program would not solely benefit your patients—your practice would reap benefits for several reasons.

  1. With an in-house membership program, costs for dental treatment are greatly reduced; therefore you will acquire a much more loyal patient base.
  2. By default, these patients would come in more frequently for regular visits, services, and procedures, since they will be paid for via the plan.
  3. Members of the program would yield steady revenue streams for your practice, because of software that performs automated payments from patients. This would benefit your practice especially during slow periods of the year because patients would pay monthly or yearly fees for special benefits and discounts for your particular practice.
  4. A membership program would eradicate the hassle of working with outside insurance partners. Third-party insurance companies likely interfere with your dental practice, whether they steal a hefty chunk of your profits or simply reject your practice as a whole. Providing your own program liberates you from the copious amounts of paperwork and unnecessary added stress.
  5. You can focus on providing quality dental care you originally started your practice for in the first place. Dental insurance inflates your costs and can affect the treatment you provide as a result, so harnessing a program that you have established complete control over will yield countless benefits, such as getting your TIME BACK. 

At MedLoyalty, we want to make dental care simple and develop lasting dentist and client relationships. We understand everyone has a unique way of running their practice, so we specialize in customizing membership programs that are right for you. Contact us, so we can put you and your practice on the right track toward a successful and sustainable future. 

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