Why You Need an In-House Dental Membership Plan Now!

In-house Dental Membership Plans

You may have noticed a rise in popularity to in-house dental membership plans for dental offices. Without knowing all the benefits of in-house programs, you may not understand why so many dental offices around the United States are singing its praises! Here, I am going to provide you with five benefits of why your dental office should offer an in-house membership program.

1. Dental Insurance is Bad for Dentists and Patients

As dentists, let’s face it; we all hate dealing with insurance companies. Dealing with insurance companies to determine a patient’s coverage and claims can eat up valuable time. Not only does it cause headaches for patients, but it also takes our time away from attending to our patients. The effect can hurt your practice by increasing patient wait times while you, your staff, or your patients are on the phone with insurance companies waiting for answers. With a dental membership plan, YOU, the dentists are in control of your patients’ coverages because the information is handled in-house.

2. Members Generate More Net Revenue Than Insured Patients

It’s simple. Insurance companies can take up to 50% of revenue away from your dental practice per patient. With an in-house dental membership program, you won’t be giving away hard-earned income away to any third-party.

3. Uninsured Patients Do Not Visit the Dentist Enough

Even with insurance, patients can still pay significant expenses out of their pockets. Without dental insurance, these expenses can skyrocket for patients. It’s no wonder why one in every three uninsured person does not even visit the dentist within a year. With an in-house dental membership plan, uninsured patients can find a new way to pay off dental bills without the cost of dental insurance and will be more inclined to visit the dentist office often.

4. Boost Your Dental Practice’s Value

In-house membership programs can boost your dental practice’s profits by 32%. Patient treatment will increase; you will discover more patient loyalty; you will take back your profits from insurance companies; and you will save time because you won’t have to deal with the hassle insurance companies bring. This only gives you more time to better your practice and be more attentive to your patients.

5. Increase Patient Loyalty

With an in-house dental membership program, not only do patients enjoy the value of the subscription-based insurance plan, they can enjoy the new-found ease of visiting your dental office. Without worrying about deductibles, claims, rejections, and limits to their insurance, they can gain control of their routine dental care once again! Patient visits can increase by 61% with the introduction of an in-house dental membership program. Knowing their dental care is always available to them, it increases the chances of patients returning repeatedly and more frequently to your office for their dental needs.

Now that you know the benefits of in-house dental membership plans, we hope you reconsider the options your dental practice offers its patients to maintain a healthy dental regime. With MedLoyalty’s new and improved 2.0 platform, you are in the right hands to get started on a subscription-based dental plan. Not only will you have access to a variety of options to fit your patients’ needs, but you will also gain access to marketing tools and a MedLoyalty Success Manager to ensure your office’s smooth transition into the membership program.

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