New Year’s Resolution for your Practice: The Holiday Gift That Keeps on Giving

Dentist dressed in festive clothes before Christmas and New Year.

The new year (and decade) is right around the corner, which means people everywhere are thinking about those three magic words: New Year’s resolutions.

Many resolutions are forgotten about or broken within the first weeks, or even days, so it’s time to discover something that’ll stick for good. Let’s talk about how to make New Year’s resolutions for your dental practice that you will be sure to maintain, as they will present countless benefits to your business and its growth.

First off, we intend for your MedLoyalty membership to be the best that it can be for you and your practice. So, take advantage! After all, MedLoyalty serves to provide you optimal customization when it comes to working toward patient retention and loyalty. For example, you can discuss with your MedLoyalty Success Manager the types of uninsured and insured patients your practice sees most often to determine which items to put in your plan.

Once your membership with MedLoyalty is customized to its fullest for your practice, resolve to grow further with the use of MedLoyalty’s marketing materials. Set specific goals for a designated period to measure your success and evaluate what works best for this type of growth. It is often less intimating to start with smaller, more obtainable goals, and gradually enhance them throughout the year.

Another sufficient resolution you can make for your practice is to spend more time with each of your patients and brush up on your relationships. Patient satisfaction and retention dramatically improve when they feel as though their experiences are personalized. With MedLoyalty’s membership, your practice will be free of the time restraints caused by filing insurance claims and following up on payments. With more free time, you can increase that all-important facetime with your patients.  Try keeping track of the average amount of time you spend with each patient and look at the numbers at the end of each quarter. You’ll be amazed at the results, AND your patients will notice.

The key to ensuring that New Year’s resolutions will transition to permanent habits is to create ones that are meaningful, measurable, and relevant to you and your practice. With MedLoyalty in your corner, your new year will be your best yet!

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