Why Patients Are Looking For Membership Programs From Their Dental Offices

Male dentist with assistant shaking hands with patient

As dentists and dental office staff, we have dedicated our practice to the patient-care industry. Typically, dentists all share one common goal of wanting to keep their patients happy through a well-organized method. However, patients are easily swayed between dental offices based on the coverage provided and expenses of routine dental care. With an in-house membership program, patients can gain as many benefits as dentists do, which can be a leading factor in picking the right dental office for them. Here are a few reasons why patients are looking for in-house membership programs.

1. It’s easy

Trying to find an insurance plan can be hectic. There’s a load of options that you must take into account when picking an insurance plan, including the right deductibles, claims, and paperwork that goes into picking the perfect plan. Many times, this may overwhelm patients and cause them to neglect and delay obtaining a dental insurance plan. With an in-house membership plan, the hassle of insurance is taken away from the patient to make their experience at the dental office more enjoyable. It can take up to just 10 minutes to sign up for an in-house program, and it can be done right at the dental office.

2. Simple and affordable

As mentioned, the sign-up process is quick and easy for patients to enroll in their subscription-based programs. Additionally, these subscription-based programs are typically more affordable than insurance programs. Their needs determine the patients’ coverage, and there are various programs available depending on their routine dental care. Patients with a wide variety of ranges can still find a coverage program that works for them by browsing simple options in the membership program. Once they select a plan that works for them, they know what it covers, how much it is, and how to use it. 

3. No paperwork for reimbursements

With insurance programs, patients may need to get reimbursed and pay upfront for their dental care. However, these reimbursements come with much paperwork required to get done, and reimbursements can take a while to get back to the patient’s pockets. With an in-house membership program, patients can forget about the piles of paperwork involved with reimbursements. With their information already accessible at the dental office, the paperwork can be avoided!

4. Total transparency

When you sign up for a dental insurance plan, it may be hard to figure out what your insurance covers. With terms you are unfamiliar with, loop-holes, deductibles and claims, it can come as a shock when patients go to get dental work done and find out they need to pay out of pocket or a large percentage for dental care and/or procedures. With in-house membership programs, the price shock will be avoided since patients know precisely what the subscription-based program comes with and which program is best suited for them.

5. Save money!

Most importantly, all patients want to save money. With different price points and packages to meet your patients’ needs, in-house membership plans are an easy, cheaper alternative to insurance plans. Patients who cannot afford the cost of traditional insurance plans find the value as a huge benefit to getting a subscription-based insurance plan.

With all of these reasons and more, patients are beginning to look for membership programs at dental offices when picking the right dentist for them. Don’t get left behind with traditional insurance programs! 

Work on patient loyalty with a new in-house membership program today. With MedLoyalty, you are in the right hands to get started on an in-house subscription-based insurance plan. Not only will you have access to a variety of programs to fit your patients’ needs, but you will also gain access to marketing tools and a MedLoyalty Success Manager to ensure your office’s smooth transition into the membership program. Let’s get started. Contact MedLoyalty today at 1-833-44-LOYAL.

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